Gweru Sanitary Pads Donation

December 17, 2021
Posted by: akoiwebmanager

Millions of girls in the developing world lack access to menstrual products.

As a result, many stay home from school during their periods, and miss up to 20% of their education, thereby increasing the likelihood of dropping out entirely. Girls who don’t complete their education marry earlier, earn less, and are at a greater risk of contracting HIV or dying giving birth. 

In conjunction with All About Love and Trust Zimbabwe, we made a donation of 1000 sanitary pads to Lower Gweru Secondary Schools in support of the girl.

Without menstrual products, the alternatives that women resort to can lead to long-term health risks, including tract infections and cervical cancer. The financial burden of menstruation is one you can help relieve by donating a new box of tampons or maxi pads.

Gweru Sanitary Pads Donation

No one should have to sacrifice their self-respect every month because they cannot afford a basic necessity. Donate individually sealed and packaged menstrual hygiene products, like tampons or overnight pads with wings, and give back a woman’s dignity as she transitions out of homelessness.

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