Harare Clean- Up Campaign

December 5, 2021
Posted by: akoiwebmanager

A clean up campaign is a community –based , environmental initiative that inspires and empowers communities to clean up , fix up and conserve their environment themselves . Clean campaigns were conducted in the targeted villages along with active participation of communities .

We conducted a Clean-Up campaign in Harare, in partnership with the City of Harare. It is our goal to encourage a culture of binning litter in order to promote a litter free environment.

While it is the government’s and municipality’s mandate to ensure that its citizens stay in a clean and safe environment, it is of concern that waste management remains a big challenge in urban areas especially in developing countries. Increased economic development, rapid population growth and improvement of living standards are among the factors attributed to increased quantity and complexity of solid waste being generated. On the other hand, while people generate wastes, they continue to be looked at as passive recipients of municipality services.

Harare Clean- Up Campaign

Ultimately, citizens fail to recognise their role in waste management and become unwilling to either pay for service delivery or participate in clean-up campaigns. Waste dumps are prime breeding sites for communicable disease vectors such as rodents, mosquitoes and houseflies, which can exacerbate the prevalence of water, food and waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. This chapter thus describes the methodology of successfully conducting a community-led cleanup campaign.

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